This is a very small update of Precious and nothing terrible will happen if you don’t upgrade.

But what’s been done is:

  • Fixed header.php, so your blog’s tagline are included in the title-tag (which can be good for SEO)
  • Included all translation files, so you don’t have to install them separately
  • Introduced deprecated.php (found in the lib directory) which contain functions no longer needed

Download Precious

1$ is enough

I’ve set up a new page for donations to this project, which gives you the options to donate monthly or just do an one time donation.

As the page says, every donation to development of Precious is highly appreciated and it doesn’t matter how big or small the donation is.

Yes, 1$ is enough

I was looking at the download stats of Precious the other day, and thought that «If I’ve gotten 1$ for each download, I’ve could have paid my bills for several months».

And if it was $1 pr. download every month, I could start to give some money back to WordPress and other developers.

So, yes, $1 is enough if you’d like to donate to the project, no matter what donation option you choose.

A little Precious showcase screenshot This year I decided to give my husband his own domain and a complete redesign of his blog for his birthday.

For the redesign it was of course naturally for me to create a Child Theme of Precious, and I’m posting this to simply give you a little inspiration to what you can do.

Now, the site is not entirely finished in time of writing, as my husband couldn’t wait longer to go live with his new blog ;-)

Anyway, visit to have a “looksee” (note: the blog is in Norwegian).

Thoughts on a new WordPress default theme

WordPress 2.9 is out, and it’s time about thinking of WP 3.0 which will be something really, really special, and of course there it’s time to talk about a new default theme.

After reading around a little bit, I do believe the best thing would be a special made default theme.
Thoughts on a new WordPress default theme continued »

Custom Single Templates in Precious

Precious version 4.0.1 comes with the ability to use custom Single Templates, just like you can have Custom Page Templates.

You can use this feature if you need a slightly different setup on single posts in a special category, a special tag etc, etc.

How to create a Custom Single Template for Precious

  1. Open the single.php template file found in the precious directory.
  2. Edit the file to your needs
  3. Save file as single-something.php

Custom Single Templates in Precious continued »

Precious 4.0.1 released

Version 4.0.1 of Precious Parent Theme fixes some bugs, gets rid of some outdated codes and adds some features that didn’t make it in the 4.0 release.

To download Precious 4.0.1, see the theme’s page or visit WordPress Themes

Bugs fixed

  • Font size on code and pre-tags in Firefox and other Gecko-based browsers (reported by David Cabana )
  • Fixed styling of the trackback/ pingback list
  • Fixed bug with the Frontpage pagetemplate
  • Fixed typo in comments.php

Precious 4.0.1 released continued »

It’s here – Precious 4.0

Finally Precious 4.0 is here.

The theme takes the best from Basic2Col and the original WordPreciousss plugin and blend it in to one theme – Feel free to download it, test it, and give some feedback.

Precious is a parent theme, or a theme framework if you like.

This means that the theme is really designed for creating child themes and give you a good staring point in doing so.
It’s here – Precious 4.0 continued »

WordPreciousss 4 is comming up

Update on May 20:

If you’re brave and want to test Precious Parent Theme, you may download Precious 4.0 Beta 1 - requires WordPress 2.8 beta 1

Original post

The next generation of WordPreciousss is planned to be ready by the end of May ’09.

Precious (Parent) Theme is almost ready; it still lacks some widget coding and page templates. If you’re wondering how it will look like, it will look just like the site you’re on.

- However some time will be spent on putting together; I need to make the parent theme ready, and then I need to make a child theme that’s useful for this site and how I’m planning to put it together.

But: WordPreciousss 4 is comming. – finally.

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