WordPress 2.9 is out, and it’s time about thinking of WP 3.0 which will be something really, really special, and of course there it’s time to talk about a new default theme.

After reading around a little bit, I do believe the best thing would be a special made default theme.


Well, there are a lot of great Themes and Theme Frameworks out there; However, being one these Theme Framework developers1, I have a goal and an idea where to take Precious next; and I guess it’s just the same for the K2-developers, Ian Stewart, the Hybrid-team (etc. etc.). – We all share a vision of where we want our themes to become one day.

And are we willing to give up that vision?

It would be a great honour for any theme author to have designed the new default theme; it would be the greatest honour to have created the ultimate theme framework for WordPress.

A great honour; but to answer my question: The answer is “no”.

- I don’t think any of us are willing to give up our vision for the perfect WordPress Theme; unless we can work together with the WordPress’ Dev. Team.

Because this is the truth about Theme Frameworks:

As much as we like to play along with WordPress; what we actually do is to address theme-issues that’s not in WP; it’s not in the core.

And I don’t think any of us are willing to give up our themes to the dev-team, unless we can work along with them.

So, I think the best thing would be a competition; – create a special made default theme; a theme that’s actually “default”. – A theme anyone can use, a theme that works with WordPress, a theme that the dev. team can work with.

A brand new theme no one has seen before.

  1. not the most on edge, but I’m here, lurking the shadows []