Version 4.0.1 of Precious Parent Theme fixes some bugs, gets rid of some outdated codes and adds some features that didn’t make it in the 4.0 release.

To download Precious 4.0.1, see the theme’s page or visit WordPress Themes

Bugs fixed

  • Font size on code and pre-tags in Firefox and other Gecko-based browsers (reported by David Cabana )
  • Fixed styling of the trackback/ pingback list
  • Fixed bug with the Frontpage pagetemplate
  • Fixed typo in comments.php

New features

Well, these features isn’t actually new as they were a part of WordPreciousss v. 3.1.1, but they didn’t make it into the 4.0 release.

  • Ability to use custom single templates with help of custom keys
  • Favicon template tag; the path to your favicon can be filtered.
  • Headers for the comment and trackback/ pingback lists

As for code fixing: The theme used some Dark Age (read: deprecated) WP-Codes which now have been removed and replaced with shiny new once.