The 4 Best Helpful Inventions Made For 2016

Every year there has been hundreds of inventions being made and discovered all around the world. Things are made to be beneficial to the people. It works because there are a lot of stuff that is invented which makes things easier for every individual. Check out the best inventions for 2016 that are very helpful to the public.

Folding Bike Helmet


It has been invented with the people’s safety in mind. Imagine that there are hundreds of people who are experiencing accidents in the streets while using their bicycles. The top reason why it has been fatal is that the people are too lazy to wear helmets because it’s too big and not convenient to carry around.

Solar Roof


We know that solar panels are great for conserving energy but setting up solar panels create a big mess over the top of your homes. That is a thing of the past now because a solar roof is now available for purchase. You can now install these solar roofs instead of setting it up on a roof. It is stylish, and you can save a lot of money because you will have a roof that produces solar energy.

Nike Hyperadapt

This invention is not just for the lazy people, but it comes in handy most of the time. With the hyper adapt, there is no more reason for you to worry about the shoelaces that keep on going off. The shoes will automatically do it for you. The best thing about it is it will fit your feet as if you are Cinderella on rubber shoes.

Eagle 360

All of us are used to seeing the traditional tires used in different vehicles these days. The innovation completed by Goodyear will give things a different perspective when you drive cars. The Eagle 360 is the type of tires that can go in all direction. Just a little precaution, you might need to get used to it for some time.

We should wait for more inventions to come because for sure, the technology will not stop. It will continue to provide more things that can be good for the people.

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